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Sites That Give Weekly Banking Deals

Everyone is looking for the best banking deals these days. They want to get value for their money and rewards for their patronage. Realizing this, financial institutions from around the country are giving incentives to attract customers. Everything from free $100 to free barbeque grills are being used as a lure so that new clients will open up various accounts with the banking institutions.

So how can you take advantage of these bank deals? Fortunately, there are a lot of blogs that points you to the right direction. It is difficult to research each and every bank to find out what they offer. The blogs listed below does the dirty work for you. All you need to do is visit to get the best banking deals in your area:

Banking Guy @ Bank Deals outlined the rates of various market money accounts, certificate of deposit, and checking accounts throughout the country. This will help the depositor determine which bank they should consider opening an account at. This week’s blog post “Bank Deals Weekly Summary for July 4, 2009” was very comprehensive. It will undoubtedly help consumers who have saved up some money and want high interest yields on them.

My Bank Tracker has a section for bank deals. One notably entry for this week was the post entitled “Irwin Union Bank is Giving Away Free HDTV and HD Camcorders”. The offer is quite unique because most banks usually just give away bags, grills, or toasters. Irwin Union Bank rewards its depositors to a whole new level.

Banking Deals recently uploaded a blog post titled, “Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card $250 Gift Card Bonus”. Essentially, the entry provided the full details of the requirements, features, and benefits people can expect when they sign up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card. There are many other bank deals available throughout the site.

But while opening an account with banks nowadays have never been more attractive, it is also important to take note that it has never been more risky either. The financial industry is still not as stable as before. Depositors should choose their banks wisely to avoid heartaches later on.

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