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Turning Frugal: Save Money by Spending Wisely

You can feel it in the air. Everyone is turning frugal. After decades of engaging in shameless consumerist attitude, people are suddenly becoming wiser with their money. The catastrophe that forced them into the situation might not be welcome, but the shift in consumer attitude will do a lot of good to society as a whole for the long-term.

There are still bills to pay and debts to get rid of though. In the meantime, it is important to save as much money as you can. It is inevitable that you still need to spend on certain things. Here, we compiled some blog posts that can help you spend less on your needs and wants:

April @ Get Rich Slowly uploaded an article titled “The Art of Improvising: Alternatives to Buying New”. Despite what the headline implies, this posts digs deeper into saving. Other than telling you to stop buying new stuff, the author also provided practical tips on how and where you can save. For example, she tells you to repair whenever possible, delaying spending, trading, or renting. Borrowing is also a good idea in some instances.

DeputyHeadmistress @ Frugal Hacks wrote an interesting post “When It Pays to Buy New”. Now, she is not specifically encouraging you spend money on new things; the point of the article is that it sometimes pays to buy something new. This is especially true if the product you’re interested in meets two factors: it frequently needs to be replaced and the company you’re buying from offers money-back replacement guarantee. If it doesn’t meet the latter condition, you should think twice.

The third blog we will feature for this week focuses on buying cheap books. Fiscal Geek has a post titled “24 Ways to Help You Buy Cheap Used Books”. It provides various links to websites that sells books at bargain prices. Even non-booklovers will find the post useful because it gives them an idea about how much, or how little, they should pay when buying stuff.

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