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Top Money Saving Tips for 2009

Though a lot of economic indicators reveal that the US economy might be on the road to recovery, its effects are still not being felt by the ordinary American. The unemployment rate is still rising, foreclosures are occurring in almost every state, and the amount of credit available in the market is still limited.

Given all these challenges, what can a struggling person do? Well, we have compiled a list of blogs that can help you during the tough times. Everything from how you can save on your grocery bill to how you can lower the operating cost of a business is discussed here.

Billshrink Guy posted one of the best money saving blog post for this week. His post, “16 Depression Era Money Saving Tips” provided comprehensive recommendations from buying used stuff to moving to a more prosperous location. The blogger also puts a lot of things in perspective when it comes to money management.

BloggyBiz has a recent post about effective small business management. The article entitled, “Saving Tips into Business Management” is very helpful. It looks at the major operating costs of running a business including marketing and staffing. The tips are mostly commonsense stuff that is nevertheless beneficial to anyone with a small business.

If you’re looking for ways to save on food, then the blog Not Made of Money is the right one for you. The just-posted article titled “Family Food – Easy Ways to Keep the Budget in Check” provides useful tips that can help American households save on food. For example, it advises readers to eat at home rather than go out and to make meals in bulk for time and cost considerations.

Madison @ My Dollar Plan blogs about consistently good bank deals. Posting whatever bank bonus, generous interest rate, and other great deals, people who are having trouble with their current bank should consider looking into this site for alternatives. The most recent post, “Bank of American $25 Bonus” is just an example of the kind of article she regularly features.

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