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Should You Stay in a Job You Hate For Money?

As you probably know, this blog is mostly focused on credit, debts, and personal finance. Rarely do we tackle the subject about your job and self-worth. This week, we decided to tackle the subject about your work and careers in general. Your personal finances and even your lifestyle are inevitably tied to your work. More importantly, it is tied to the amount you’re earning each month. For this reason, countless people stay on a job they hate just so they can pay the bills.

The phenomenon is nothing new. However, the problem may be more prevalent than before due to the pressure of today’s lifestyle. Basically, you don’t make the same amount you did when the mortgage or auto loan was taken out, you can lose everything. So here, we will look at the reasons why you should or shouldn’t keep your job and the factors that should be taken into consideration.

Career Diva posted a funny and insightful blog post titled “Maybe We Need a Workplace Moses”. She talked about people working for free just to gain experience. Most young professionals go this route in the hope that it will pay off over the long term. Basically, she called this slavery and cited several reasons why people accept it. With the unemployment rate as high as it is, some have no choice.

The blog Money Smart Life recently had an article titled “Job Hunting Tips” to help out struggling job-seekers? Finding a job, let alone the right job, is not an easy task. Among the tactics you can consider include research, networking, the pay rate, retirement benefits, the take-home pay after taxes, and the health insurance provided. Even timing should be given importance because your worth in the marketplace can depend on demand.

Another helpful blog post on the topic can be found at Brazen Careerist. The blog post titled “Misery Loves Company Especially When You Are Dumbemployed” sums the topic up.

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