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Odd Taxes Throughout America

Everyone hates additional taxes. But as things stand right now, it seems inevitable that Americans might need to shell out more of their earnings to the government. Right now, there are all sorts of taxes that are being passed by various states. Some have targeted fur jackets while others have slapped duties on blueberries. Certain factions even want illegal drugs to be legalized because it will provide additional revenue for the government. Below are other more mundane taxes you can expect:

Expensive Haircuts – the next time you visit the barber in Nebraska and Michigan, you might need to spend more than usual. These two states want to extend sales tax into personal grooming services to improve their balance sheet. Personal grooming is considered as a “luxury item”. So while you might not look at it as such, the government thinks you can actually do it at home.

A Tax on Humor – call it silly but Maine lawmakers are proposing a 5% state tax on clowns, jugglers, petting zoos, comedians, and ventriloquists. As it stands right now, they even want to earn a bit more money from hay rides and paintball. Some people are making fun of it is serious business for people within the industry. Magicians, for example, hate the idea. They think it will have a severe impact on this niche business. The bill will go into effect in January 2011.

More Taxes on Fun – according to Representative Jim Wayne of Kentucky, “High income folks are not paying their fair share.” That may be true in some instances but observes are scratching their heads about how he’s pushing for equity. Among other things, the southern state is tax hot air balloon rides, limousine services, golf green fees, and private landscaping. They expect to raise $350 to $400 million a year from this initiative. Critics are worried that it might cripple small businesses that actually provide these services.

Levy on Pets – pet grooming services is targeted by lawmakers in Maine. But aside from this, they will also put a levy of a wide range of services including diaper services, bowling, massage, movie tickets, pest control, zoos, and beauty parlors. While this is expected to raise a substantial amount for the state, small businesses can expect to bear the brunt of the burden.

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