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Must-Have’s for New Homes

With millions of Americans traumatized by the dramatic decrease in value of their homes, most are now willing to strip their new abodes of popular features from the yesterdays. For example, home theaters used to be a must-have. But right now, it is discarded in favor of smaller homes that fit changing consumer lifestyle. According to Heather McCune from the Bassenian Lagoni Architects, “The future isn’t something we’re 100% sure about…The answer for most home buyers is authenticity.”

For most American home buyers, this will mean buying smaller homes. Carol Lavender from the Lavender Design Group thinks that large kitchens, old-fashioned bathrooms, and wine grottos will become popular today. “It’s all about family togetherness – casual living, entertainment, and flexible spaces.” In this regard, the must-haves for homes include the following:

Energy-Efficient Appliance

With “green” being the byword right now, energy-efficient home is a must. This means that everything from the windows, insulation, and appliances will be scrutinized for the energy they save. The shift in attitude doesn’t mean that home buyers prefer synthetic or recycled materials though because there are good alternatives in the market.

Large Kitchens

Since most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it is almost a given that they would be willing to spend money on this. In fact, the tough times illustrates just how important the kitchen is. It is a place where home owners create, experiment, and have fun. Homes that contain large kitchens with an island can hold its value better than others.

Office/Study Area

A place where you can think, analyze, and strategize is important for working professionals. So it is no surprise that the office/study area is given preference when a homeowner is asked to choose between a home theater and this area. Some people even opt for a smaller dining room just to have an office/study space.

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