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Stock Index Funds: Weekly Round-Up

Index funds are notable in the sense that it doesn’t require its managers to continually pick and choose stocks for investments. Rather, it contains a large sample of stocks in a chosen index. For example, S&P 500 Index Fund will contain all stocks from the index. In essence, investors will own a tiny part of all companies included in the index fund. This feature provides this type of fund certain advantages. For example, there are no trading costs such as commissions because the net asset of the fund is calculated each day.

If you are interested in know more about index funds and how to invest in it, the list below provides more information.

Mike @ Gather Little by Little wrote an interesting post titled “Investing Strategies with $10,000 or Less” The benefits of index funds are basically described in this blog entry. It requires very little costs with high profit potential. Investors who are looking for a relatively safe medium should consider this option. Meanwhile, Mike also talked about management fees and other considerations in this post.

JD @ Get Rich Slowly nailed the topic about index funds in the article “Index Funds: Why Choose Anything Else.” The post was quite helpful in helping individuals decide where to put their money. Among the advantages he outlined include lower risks, lower costs, and added bonus. In essence, index funds let you know exactly where your money is at unlike other forms of investments where only the manager has complete information.

Roger @ The Amateur Financer uploaded an article about index funds titled “Great Debates: ETFs vs. Index Funds.” The information provided in the article is quite extensive. The blogger delved into many related issues including its flexibility, tax efficiency, and lower tax ratios.

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2 Responses

  1. Roger says:

    Thanks for mentioning my article. I’m glad that I was able to detail the difference between ETFs and Index funds, and hopefully, your readers enjoy the article as much as you have.

  2. XD says:

    Definitely did Roger. Thanks again!

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