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Holiday Spending – Should You Save Instead?

Individuals listening to politicians, looking at the movements of the stock market, and reading recent news reports almost inevitably get a boost in confidence. After all, “improvements” are being seen everywhere. But does the macroeconomic upturn really affect your daily life? It is good to have some level of optimism. It is a different matter altogether if you use this as an excuse to spend more or become irresponsible with your financial obligation.

Take note that even if the stock market improves, it does not necessarily mean that there is an improvement in the GDP, which is the factor that decreases unemployment. Spending too much money at this point is not only ill-advised; it can also be devastating to your finances. Also, try to ask yourself whether you really want to return to your old holiday shopping habits under these conditions. Some blogs that tackle this topic further are listed below:

Marketing Profs uploaded a recent blog post titled, “Weaker Online Holiday Spending Expected”. The article revealed that despite the improving economy, consumers will still hold on tightly to their money. Nielsen’s survey showed that 42 percent of consumers intend to spend less this year compared to last years. In addition, they will spend a smaller percentage of their budget online.

The Project Economy Blog has an interesting article titled “Investors Eye Consumers’ Holiday Spending”. While research shows that shoppers will spend less this year because of the difficult economic times, the number of buyers will actually increase. It also talked about the importance of holiday shopping because most retail outlets rely on it for 40 percent of their profit. The actions of consumes during this period can make or break the industry.

Kelly from Almost Frugal asks her readers “How Much Are You Spending for the Holidays?” She recounts her own family’s experience when it comes to spending. This is a more personal blog post because she talked about how her family coped with spending for birthdays, weddings, Thanksgiving, and anniversaries.

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