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We have adopted a new strategy moving forward with this blog.  We want to tie in important happenings in our economy with the everyday life of all Americans.  To do this we will start with three weekly themes:

Monday’s Market Movers

This weekly theme will watch the global markets and discuss the significance they will play in our everyday lives.  Monday’s Market Movers will follow and examine how the markets will affect credit and lending on both the individual level as well as on the banking level.

Wednesday’s Washington Weekly

On Wednesdays we will examine important events from Capitol Hill and the White House to assess their direct impact on lending and credit.  We will look specifically at the enormous amounts of spending and how it will trickle down to the everyday lives of all Americans.

Friday’s Financial Fitness

On Fridays we will gear our theme towards helping readers better their financial and credit standing.  We will look at little things that can be done to better your credit score, save some additional cash, or help your borrower profile to get the loan you need.  The overall goal of Friday’s Financial Fitness is to get you into a healthier financial situation.

We will begin discussing these themes in the next week.  We will continue to grow and expand our themes based on the economic situation and the response from readers like you.

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