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Credit Score and Credit Rating – Weekly Round-Up

As everyone probably knows, credit scores play a very important role in an individual’s personal finances. It can determine how much interest one will need to pay and even whether they will be granted a loan or not in the first place. The credit score, though most might not be fully aware of it, affects a person’s lifestyle and standard of living simply because of the number of financing options available to you depends on it.

This week’s round-up will focus on the blogs that talked about credit history, credit rating, and the tips that will help your record. Essentially, the important aspect that can affect your credit score is outlined here:

Jim Wang @ Bargaineering wrote a useful post titled, “How to Build Your Credit History with Tradelines“. He starts the blog post by simply stating that getting a good credit history depends on how you act when given credit. This particular article goes into the core of what goes on in establishing credit history. Tips on how you can use tradelines to build a good record are also outlined here.

David @ My Two Dollars tries to help a reader prevent their credit record from being damaged in his post, “What Damages Your Credit Score the Most?” His answer to this is straightforward: late and missing payments. The credit score always comes back to a person’s ability and willingness to pay their financial obligations. This ability will show in one’s payment history.

JC @ Get Rich Slowly posted an interesting article, “Should Repaying Debt Be an Obsession?” As mopst are probably aware, the economic crisis today occurred not only because of banks’ careless behavior, it actually became worse because the average American simply has too much debt. So is going to the other extreme the solution to today’s problem? JC doesn’t seem to think so; he states that balance is important.

Carrie Reader @ Hints Club shares her thoughts about getting a good FICO Score with her article, “Good FICO Credit Score? Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Home Mortgage Loan with Good Credit“. Well, the title actually says it all. The blog post basically talks about how homeowners can take advantage of their good credit history with the four tips outlined in the article.

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