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Credit History and How It Affects You: Weekly Round-Up

A lot of people make financial mistakes that they wish they never committed. However, making unwise decision is a fact of life and individuals need to deal with the consequences of their action. Financial mistakes are usually reflected in a person’s credit history. It will enable them to take loans from banks and other institutions at a reasonable price.

Financial know-how should start when a person is quite young. The problem is, young people usually don’t know what their getting into when it comes to spending. That’s the reason why there is a recently passed policy that stops credit card companies from issuing cards to individuals below 21 years of age or until they can show proof of income. Young people with co-signers who can vouch for them can also apply for a credit card. In this week’s weekly round-up, we compiled a list of blogs that talks about the new regulation, provides tips on how to start your credit history right, and how to fix the financial mess you got yourself into:

Mary @ Mint Life updated readers about what’s happening in the credit scoring industry in the blog post “Reading, Writing, and…Credit Scoring?” The article is focused on helping kids develop their financial sensibilities to make better choices in the future. Aspects of money management for kids such as opening a savings account are discussed. In addition, kids today face more challenges because of the financial crisis so their credit score is more important than ever.

Ryan @ The Better Credit Blog wrote an article titled “10 Ways to Get the Upper Hand When Dealing with a Debt Collector”. It is a fact that most people experience being at the end of the phone line when a debt collector is calling. This situation is difficult for most people and this article talks about the issues people need to deal with. For one, collectors are trained to play with your feelings and emotions. Look at the call at this light to get an upper hand.

Finally, Ilyce from Think Glink posted the article “Credit Reporting Agencies and Your Debts”. It basically sums up how credit reporting agencies come up with your credit score. It is written in a Q&A format and provides some relevant information for readers.

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