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Compilation of Money Saving Blogs

This week, we mainly talked about debt, debt assistance, and finance-related problems. Well, for today’s post, we will take a break from all of that. Everyone can take a breather from their financial troubles. Instead, we’ll provide a list of blogs that can help you save money. Some blogs are witty; some are very informative, while there are others that even give out promotional codes. Hopefully, you’ll gain something from reading these blogs. So below are this Friday’s rundown of recommended blog reads:

Kathryn @ Promotional Codes compiled a list of coupons, deals, and discount codes you can take advantage of. Some of the things you can save on include airfare, gift products, beauty supplies, and pet products among others. There are a lot of fun things you can buy at rock bottom prices.

The Save Money Blog featured a post titled “Is Your Online Time Wasted?” The article basically revolved around the title because it talked about making productive use of your internet time. For example, you can use it for comparative shopping for health insurance and other deals. A good site that provides comparison shopping for credit report, online travel, and even DVD rentals is

The Not Made of Money blog provided very helpful money saving tips for this week with the article “Five Tips for Tightening Your Budget”. It gives very practical advice about getting your spending under control. You can slash your entertainment expenses, look into your utility bills, learn to do house chores instead of hiring someone, and avoid new purchases.

Bill Shrink Guy recorded his observation about the recession with his article “10 Behaviors that the Recession made more acceptable.” It is a witty blog post that talked about how frugal people rule during the time of recession, while they are dismissed as penny-pinchers during more prosperous times. Frugal behaviors that can be observed today include brown-bagging leftovers, growing your own food, and even bartering.

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