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Career Expectations for 2010

Having career problems is nothing new but the issue is exacerbated by the pressures from the economy and difficult business environment today. So people who are discontented with their job and how their career is going are instead counting themselves lucky that they’re not one of the millions that fall under the unemployed category.

Whatever your situation is right now, there is still comfort in knowing what the future has in store. In 2010, industry experts predict that the following will happen:

Wild Card – While everything looks on track economically, changes in critical industry such as oil and gas can change things quickly. If energy prices increases sharply this year, business and consumer spending will be affected. In turn, pay freezes and hiring freezes are likely to occur.

Expansion in Some Industries – The same fields that held stable during the recession will expand in 2010. Some industries include education, healthcare, and technology. This may help raise the salaries of workers within these sectors.

It is also important to watch out for the average weekly work hour your employer requires from you. When the crisis hit, a lot of employers decided to work hours instead of laying-off people. If this is the case for you, watch out for a boost in your working hours. Once this happens, the company will soon increase your pay or start hiring again.

In the meantime, be sure to do what it takes to keep your job. This is because unless you have a highly in-demand technical skill, everyone is a lay-off target. Ensure that your position is cemented by “flying above radar.” Gone are the days when simply working hard and minding your own business is good enough. Now, visibility is the key. Excel in what you do and let others know that you’re good as well.

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