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Banking Deals – Weekly Roundup

Get the best value from your money, literally. This New Year, why don’t you shop around for the best bank, the best broker, or the best financial institution? Now is the time to change the way you save, invest, or complete everyday transactions. The amount of money you can “earn” by simply choosing the right medium to save, spend, or invest is significant.

For example, if you actively use credit cards, why don’t you choose a company that provides air miles, big discounts, or 0% interest rates? It is easy to do it. Likewise, why would you want to keep your money in an account with 1% interest earnings when you can find a bank that will give you 4-5% for it? If you’re tired of getting the short end of the stick, do something about it. The list below gives you some clue about things to keep an eye for if you want to get a good deal.

Rate Nerd uploaded a new post “Best Checking Accounts to Start 2010”. It is a very helpful post because it enables consumers to pick and choose among competitive offers in the market. Some of the checking accounts even offer up to 5.01% API for checking accounts. Check out the featured offers listed on the blog to get a feel of what your decision should be like this New Year.

Deal Maven @ Bankaholics posted an article titled “Get a Good Rate and A Free HDTV.” This offer is available from Irwin Union Bank. The amount of money you earn depends on a large part, on where you live. The Irwin Bank website will ask you to enter your zip code to know the rate for your location. The lowest rate is 1.90 API. Want a bonus? The bank also lets you get a 22-inch Sharp LCD TV. But the catch is you need to have $20,000 for investment.

Brian O’ Connell @ Main Street featured a weekly roundup on his blog on the post titled “Banking Deals of the Week: Jan 6”. He commented that while banks have a wait-and-see attitude, their interest rate deals don’t look as attractive as it could have been.

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