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5 Savings Tips From Sites We Like

With today’s economic crisis, it is important for everyone to cut cost where they can, whether in business or in their personal life. Saving money for yourself and for your family is actually simpler than you think. For this week’s roundup, we compiled a list of blogs that might help you save money on everyday expenses.

Jaimie Paynter @ Bargaineering introduced the idea of using allowance as a budgeting tool in the post “Do You Need An Adult Allowance?” Essentially, it takes the idea of “budgeting” one step further because everyone is familiar with the idea of allowance since childhood. Someone in authority controlled our spending. As an adult though, using allowance don’t need to be controlling. Rather, it can actually free from your financial burden when used property.

David @ My Two Dollars wrote a post titled “If You Don’t Need It, It’s Not a Bargain At All“. From this headline alone, readers will have a pretty good idea about what this post is about. It talks about how customers are usually encouraged to spend simply because “deals” are being offered in the market especially during hyped-up occasions.

J.D. @ Get Rich Slowly recently uploaded a blog post “How I Cut My Television Bill in Half“. Here, he provides some alternatives to cable television. Deluxe cable packages can cost a significant amount. But if customers know about other options that deliver the same kind of service, they can reduce their bills dramatically. J.D. gives viewers some choices such as buying shows from iTunes store and watching shows for free in Hulu.

Trent @ The Simple Dollar wrote an interesting post “Buying Fresh, Buying Cheap“. The blog post outlines the different ways a consumer can save money from buying fresh fruits and fresh meat. Usually, most people instantly assume that fresh is more expensive compared to canned goods. Trent reveals tht this isn’t necessarily the case when you know how to look for bargains.

The My Dollar Plan Blog consulted with newly-retired IRS officials about tax deductions from gas mileage in the post “Tax Savings: How to Deduct Tax Mileage on Your Personal Car“. With the kind of economy today, it is important to cut costs where you can, tax mileage included. This blog post shows how a car-owner can save money from using his car for business purposes.

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