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Identity Theft Protection and Prevention

Identity theft protection is a kind of insurance that acts as a shied whenever any identity theft occurs.  This type of protection is usually offered by credit card companies, banks, and companies that specialize in this.  If you want the best protection, there are some things that you should know.

You should always check the reputation of the company to see whether they provide quality service with their customers.  The company should also be able to provide you with a firm security and notify you with fraud alerts, pin number verifications, voice verifications, and credit freezes.  An identity theft protection company should will be able to assist you with  a full recovery of your information if there is any sort of identity theft.  They will  file the reports, recover the stolen information, and dispute any unauthorized transactions.  Companies such as Trusted ID, Life Lock, Identity guard, ID Watchdog, Protect my ID and Debix are some of the most well known and bests identity theft protection companies in America today.

As we all know, prevention is better than waiting to treat a cure.  Here are some of prevent identity theft protection tips from happening to you:

1. If you are going to throw away a document, always completely destroy all the papers  that contain important personal information such as credit card numbers, contact numbers, passwords, and financial information.
2. Always protect the your social security number. Never put it on checks. Be cautious in bringing your card that contains your SS card out in anything that could be lost or forgotten.
3. Credit card receipts should never be left behind.  This can also provide important information to others.
4. Keep your mailbox locked.  Try not to mail outgoing payments or your bills from home.
5. Do not use credit cards in suspicious places.  And when you pay using credit card, observe where they swipe it.
6. Check your credit card bill for any unknown purchases.  Many time times the thief will begin with small purchases to avoid awareness.
7. Ask for your free credit report at least twice a year.  Having a credit report with you will enable you to see what’s going on.  If you see something not right, you can always report it to your credit card company and let them solve the problem or explain why that showed in your credit report.

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